Dreams are back!

I just started a new routine! Before I sleep, I would ask the Universe to work on my healing during my sleep state. So! The past two days of the Water Tiger year, I have been having dreams every night! Yet every morning, I woke up super fresh still! It is pretty amazing. I realise too, some dreams are really just clearing out space that has been taken by incidents in the day that were not shelved in proper archives in my mind; some dreams are metaphorical to tell/remind/highlight to me what I may have missed in my waking state; some dreams are actually clearing out old karma. Sometimes they are a combination of all of the above.

Last night’s was amazing. It was so so so amazing. So vividly amazing. There was one with the dogs. The dogs were huge, or rather, they were grand and magnificent. I am not too into dogs, so I would not know what breeds they are. In the dream, or when I woke up, I was told they were Alsatians. There were three of them, so powerful, so scary! They were not my dogs, and they were obviously very firm, assertive (I would not say aggressive though, it felt like they were just doing their job), and looked like they were ready to bite me if I do not back off. I was scared, but I would not say I was fearful nor freaked out, I was just overwhelmed by such huge fierce-looking dogs looking like they are going to attack me. Amazingly, I stood very firm too. I stood very firm, and looked assertively (but unthreateningly) at them, while at the same time, beaming out unconditional love, peace, and calmness, and sending telepathic images of safety (that I am safe to them). Oh my, the next moment was unbelievable, all three of them sat down together around me, and then I sat down with them. I thought I would have felt relieved, but no, the feeling was actually one of amazement – how things could turn so differently when we change the feeling of the time-space. Guess everyone’s just doing their job and it helps to let everyone know that they are safe, they are doing a great job, and it is okay now. Guess we humans need that too.

There was another dog in the picture, it was also huge but very very pretty. The dream did not specify what breed that was, so I don’t know. heh. I went to look through the internet just now, and it might have been a Saint Bernard. The dog was just watching the scene, and although it was not my dog (it didn’t feel like it was mine), it looked like it was ready to step in to protect me. Hmm. Nice. In any case, it turned out all good, and all the dogs calmly sat down and peace ensued. Yay.

My sis came into the dream too. When she appeared in the scene, I told her the awesomeness of what happened! We then proceeded to move on to somewhere else, which turned out to be the Scene II of the dream series.

This one I cannot remember the full story. I only remembered we were in a tall building, and two of us had to go further upstairs to do something. When we were upstairs doing our thing (I cannot even remember what that was), there was machinery pounding on the external part of the building. Eeks. I could see the concrete falling apart, the external component (probably prefabricated, and probably modular construction… tsk) started falling down as a whole! The machinery tried to lift/push it up again, then it collapsed again. Yikes. WTH!!! Again, I was very calm in the whole scene, I told my sis to just stay in the core, since it will not collapse (or at least be the last to collapse). I was (maybe stupidly) curious, and still went to the edge to watch the external component’s struggles. Sigh. But we still kept to the “core” area which I thought. was stable. We actually managed to complete doing what we went up there to do (I still don’t remember what that was….), and we went back down. My entire family was somewhere downstairs and somehow, the knowingness was that they are safe and totally unaffected, and probably not even knowing all the weirdshits happening up here. That’s the end of Scene II. Random, scary, and …. totally pointless … probably until I understand what the point of it is about.

Scene III is really funny. So totally random. I then went on to have dinner with my friend X. In the dream, when it first started, it felt like X was SH, and then when it ended, it felt like X was Cel. So weird, SH was my senior in high school and uni and work, while Cel was my classmate in high school. They do not even look alike!

Anyway, back to the dinner! So, SH and I were having dinner at this restaurant which felt like a one-storey building with much of it being just open-air / alfresco. She got some noodles and really good veg and mushrooms for both of us to share. The soup was really good. I ate most of it. Heeee!! She’s very nice, and probably inwardly rather aghast that I ate almost everything, and offered to get more of that. I could sense her inner feelings, and I quickly offered to go get more of other stuffs. And so I got up to the other section of the restaurant to queue for more – veg. Veg. Different types of Veg. Mushrooms. Omg. It took me a long time to realise it’s a vegetarian hotpot restaurant. HAHAHA!!!!! (In normal waking times, SH and I usually go for meats and beers and alcohols…) The queue was very long, but I just quietly waited. Until much later on, I realised that it is a buffet restaurant. And here comes the dilemma! Throughout the entire dream, I thought it was just me and SH sharing food, and that we were just splitting the bill of what we ordered, because we are small eaters. Whoa, now that it is a buffet, I was flabbergasted about this whole “should we still pretend we two are sharing food” or “should we just go get our own food because we really should pay for two pax instead of one”. The food I was queueing for was finally ready and I took it back to the table (unknowingly my eating partner has already become Cel without me even connecting the dots.. it really just felt normal). I was still bogged down by the dilemma, and then I heard someone from the other table shouting my name (a mistaken pronunciation of my name), and I felt very exposed, like, “oh no, everyone knows that it is two of us eating, not just one pax.” And then I exited Scene III.

Gosh. Did I just cheat a vegetarian restaurant of one pax’s buffet without resolving it? Somehow, it felt that Scene III was highlighting unresolved karma that maybe I am somehow paying back now. Hmm. Good reminder, I better go back and close this episode and complete and resolve everything. On hindsight, Scene II felt like a warning (that things not built on solid foundation will just fall apart, and also that if these are external and not the core, just let it fall apart, it will not affect the stable core of things?); and Scene I felt like a metaphor (that when we use our heart and pure intent, we can dissolve and transform situations to one that matches the pure intent). The fourth dog in Scene I felt like a metaphor for how in life there is always external support, and that with pure intent, support is ever-ready to step in and turn things right.

All in all, it is an awesome series! The horror value is there, together with the hallmark feels of all things turning out great with beautiful endings, so heartwarming! ❤ Moral of the story is that Faith will always turn things around to how Pure Intent expects.

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  1. Fascinating… “Alsatians”… aka “German Shepherds” in these parts. Determined/dependable guard dogs, commonly used by “K-9” police in the US. Reliable friends, but unyielding with regard to their own principles. They’re keeping you away from something.
    The Saint Bernard was the traditional Swiss mountain rescue dog, descended from crossbreeds between Roman war dogs and the large mountain dogs originally native to the Alps. Interesting spirit to call upon in a dream… a safe but strong and fearless mediator perhaps?

    Exterior demolition gone awry… self confidence, but perhaps not so confident in the works of others who make the way for your own ambitions?

    I almost never have dreams with living people that I know in them. Curious experience for me.

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    1. leapingtoes says:

      Yea!! I didn’t realise Alsatians were German Shepherds till I googled them. And all the description you wrote here was how the dogs in the dream actually felt like!! So curious!!! ❤
      I dream of living people whom I do not even talk to… e.g. someone who used to sit in the far away bench in my college days. I don't even recall knowing their existence until they appear in dreams. Maybe you can try asking for living people you know to appear in your dreams! They may just appear!!

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      1. Something blocks my intuitions about the living, especially people I know. When living people do appear in my dreams, I’ll generally awaken immediately and with a very powerful message. My dreams are mostly populated by people I don’t know, or by those who now exist only in my memories.

        Dreams are something to which I pay attention, though most are variations on the same themes. I wrote them down first thing in the morning for a long time. After awhile, I found I could recall them more easily, recognize when they were important, and understand the feelings that they’d elicit. You have good descriptions, and I can feel yours pretty intuitively. I think you have a pretty good idea what they mean.

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