My life came to an abrupt standstill last night, it was rather creepy. I was feeling really stuffy in office, with a throbbing headache, and a sore back like a million needles went through it. I was still happily doing and clearing work in morning!

By 6pm, I was aching so much, I ran off to the massage place for a tuina session. Oh gosh, still could not decide whether it was a bad decision. Every touch on my skin hurt like mad, it was insane pain on every inch of my body. I started shivering too, the teeth chattering kind of cold. It was like the therapist moved the cold from my heart and stomach to the extremities, and my fingers and toes felt frozen. She put heat packs everywhere – my neck, my abdomen, my lower back, but I was still freezing. Pretty scary. But that was only the beginning!

When I left, I was still chattering in my teeth. Was that how people feel when they die from cold? (Was this a past life flashback?) It was not a good feeling, a horrid one in fact. I could not even make it home by foot, and had to call a car to send me just those couple of kilometres home. My brother-in-law was very worried when he saw me. My evil sister was laughing, “did you eat filet-o-fish again?”. I snarled a little (rather weakly) and then lost consciousness for the next two hours.

Oh my gosh. The last time this happened was at least three years ago. This is a terrible warning that our body really is a sacred temple that we need to take care of. I had taken it for granted, thinking that my gluten-intolerance is raising its bar on tolerance level. A kaya toast (local breakfast) didn’t break me, so I got a little more adventurous – a filet-o-fish. That makes two buns, and two breaded fish filets. It still did not get me, so I pushed further and had more filet-o-fishes. Plus, we even had a weekend brunch of amazing seafood and free-flow champagne, but it included an evil that I’m intolerant to (but absolutely love). OUCH. So it hurts right now, with the toxins way above the acceptable level.

I declare that I will only attempt all these antics on my dietary concerns only when absolutely necessary. 😦 😦 And maybe just two oysters, and not any more. :/ :/

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