I broke out into laughter the first time I saw these twisted cauliflowers. They look very much like the cauliflower in terms of texture, and has a close resemblance in the overall conceptual feel of it. Yet they look not at all like the normal cauliflower I grew up eating. :/ And eeks, they are green! Not the broccoli kind of green, but more like an overwashed broccoli, or a broccoli-stained cauliflower.

That was my first brush with a romanesco broccoli at a farmers’ market. It is really hard to get over – Fibonacci magic to be broken into pieces and eschewed and ground in my mortal stomach. I was too tickled by its existence and didn’t buy any. On the geek side of things, had I known its existence earlier, I would study its structure and build a self-supporting house out of it. 😀

Maybe it was a sign from Universe. Almost immediately after that trip, I had to move to northern China, and guess what? The welcoming meal had this fractal cauliflower! Hahaha, my mortal stomach still got to have a taste of this magic. Nothing more than a cauliflower, nothing much like a broccoli.

Funny enough, I never saw these ever again.
Maybe it’s time to make a trip to Rome and hunt it down.


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