I am flummoxed by how affected I am by the summer heat. Or more likely, by how I have forgotten how affected I was by summer heat. I got knocked out by 3pm after a morning on the road, and could not function at all. That was probably how my iPad used to feel when it shut down on its own as I did my readings in the secret garden in summer Shanghai.

Maybe what I was even more perplexed by was how I woke up in the middle of the night to tinker with fun stuffs!!! Just like how desserts go into a separate stomach, fun stuffs use a different set of brains from where the headache resides. 😀 😀

Anyhow, chill. Here’s a huge glass of Pomelo Jasmine tea with additional ice (whee!!!). The waitress was very surprised… still pretty unusual for the Chinese culture, it appears.

Also, a photo of what caught my eye and attention more so than the actual works in the Art Museum here. Haha, I ended up watching the workers tinker with the installation of these humongous outdoor pieces. ❤

Thank you Sgeoil for the Ragtag Daily Prompt: Flummoxed!

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  1. Pomelo jasmine tea sounds really good!

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    1. leapingtoes says:

      Yessss!!! The keyword here is ICED! The iced pomelo jasmine tea was reallllllyyyyy refreshing. 😀

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  2. lifelessons says:

    I have been more affected by the heat this year than ever before and almost everyone I talk to feels the same. I live in Mexico, but friends in the states say the same. Does the heat make you sleepy? I’m using that as my excuse.

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    1. leapingtoes says:

      Very sleepy!!!!!!!


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