Glutenny | Gluttony

I shall continue my self-indulgence in the super duper enjoyable three weeks in lalalands.  Here are foodie pics of the yummy toxins fed into my body, they are sheer indulgence for my heart and soul. ❤

Not forgetting the love from TW! I woke up early enough for breakfast and Aunt took me to eat my favourite oyster vermicelli, and she packed braised pork cutlet bento for me to eat on the train! ❤

Glutenny punishable by stomach cramps, fortunately only executed when I safely got back to Singapore. Phew! :/

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  1. This looks so good!

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    1. leapingtoes says:

      Yes it is! It tastes even better than it looks! 😀


  2. ArtsyChic Creations says:

    A little too much to eat. I hate waiting food, but don’t push myself to eat beyond comfortably satisfied because I don’t like the full sensation.


    1. leapingtoes says:

      Yea, am missing it already. :/ It is worth making a trip to Japan just for the food. Next holiday? 😉

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      1. I’m not keen on flying. And I can’t eat carbs which does put a downer on the food situation. But maybe one day I’ll get there.

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      2. leapingtoes says:

        I see! One day perhaps. Feast with the eyes first~


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