The most classic stylish vintage kitchen I have ever visited. Welcome to Claude Monet’s kitchen and dining room. I absolutely adore his utensils, I would gladly cook dinner for him everyday. As for the tiles, maybe it’s a bit much – a little like his impressionist techniques but without an overall impression: I imagine each stroke as a little tile, and within each tile there are tinier strokes. Overall, just mess of of dots within squares. But I like it. 😀

The rest of his interior wall surfaces are paintings and paintings and more paintings! His studio had his completed and incomplete works, all gorgeous. So many of them, so little space, so they are placed one over another. The stairways and upper floor corridors are filled with Japanese woodblock prints. Not sure if they were exhibited by the caretakers of the property or he really lived in such a space, it was pretty cluttered. There are more paintings up in the highest floor not open to public, so I am/was imagining he must be quite a hoarder (theory here). Maybe that was how he found his peace in the water lilies pond and the great outdoors (his garden pics here).

It is really fun visiting master artists’ homes, somewhat like an insider window into how they (physically) lived their lives; and also matching up that (my imagined) personality with their works. And my all-time favourite Dali darlin’ lived like his surrealist works.

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  1. I’d love to have a yellow dining room.

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    1. leapingtoes says:

      I’d love it too. But it utterly shattered my idea of this master artist. 😮 😀


  2. Those tiles are real beauties. I really love them.

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