It’s March already?!

OMG. Time flies like crazy airplanes. It’s my month again! My phone has been buzzing the whole day with all the freebies and discounts notifications because it is March! Birthstones are Aquamarine and Bloodstone. Hmm. I own neither.. Hahah. YET.

Since CNY which has been a gathering of friends and family, I have been hovering between food, food coma, sleep, more food, and more more food. After that was massive catching up on work, because there are so many additional things upcoming for school that is outside of my usual routine schedule. So I had been crazy busy, and OhBorder had to take a long break but now well-rested, but probably not fully back online until April. And then school breaks for May, and then I start my travels for work. Very fulfilling lifestyle I guess, and to make it measurable and to make measurable goals, seems like the next target is focussed on clocking rungs of frequent flyer program. I had my Silver Kris ten years ago, hope that I get to move up a rank before mid this year!

Adding to the crazy busy is my new hobby… haha. So good I just have to blog about it here. Tada~ someone introduced me to an online ‘live’ auction for crystals. And .. I have been hooked for the past two weeks. She holds her FB ‘live’ every Monday, Wednesday and Friday, and it’s all the way from 8:30pm to 12:30 past midnight (and 1:00am the night before!!!!). if anyone of you are interested in watching – SGT, but conducted with a brilliant mix of English and Mandarin interchangeably. The shopowner is sooooo knowledgeable, and I have been glued to her auction ever since. She brings in very very interesting stones I have never heard of. And she explains every detail of how they are formed, what is unique, what is specially valuable, and even how to look out for (and keep away from) fakes. Essentially, I would call her a crystal whisperer. hehe. She seems to have an amazing feel for which crystal connects with which person, and I absolutely love her passion for introducing these pieces of earth-magic to the world. Including making the price affordable so people have a chance to be acquainted with them.

She is a chemist by training, so it really triggers the nerdo in me when she talks about the formation and veins and the pairing/companions of different elements. So, now it is my permanent feature every Mon, Tues, Wed, playing in the background and I work on every other thing. When I hear something of interest (e.g. sometimes she calls out my name to tell me I’d like this and that), I’ll switch my focus over and work on the bidding with my fast fingers. 😀

I will be sharing my loot on the blog soon… when I finally land in Singapore with a large enough window to collect them. ❤

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