Repressed Emotions

Shittiest dream I had last night. Does not even come close to being a nightmare, just plainly annoying to the max.

I dreamt of a toilet. What the heck! A toilet in the wild. An urban toilet in the wild. It cannot be the composting toilet we built at Grace Garden, cos it is concrete and even tiled, with a nice clean toilet bowl. There was someone else in the dream, I cannot remember who. But that someone is a close compatriot, or maybe aide.

Anyway, silly as it sounds, I went in for a quick pee and flushed the toilet bowl like any civic-minded person would. And then … Hell broke loose! It started overflowing! Amazingly, I stayed clean, but I could not remember whether it was because I ran fast enough, or that I just had a good aura of dryness right around my feet. Probably the latter, cos I remembered tiptoeing.

So I googled when I woke up, and it apparently symbolizes repressed emotions! Dammit!!! What am I repressing this time? :/ :s 😦

This is also the beautiful part about spiritual developments We spot issues, like a swinging handkerchief in the wind, and then we dig. We dig deep down and hard, to see what that light fleeting image is actually telling us, that we do not at all see or sense at the surface.

So yes, repressed emotions, what are you telling me this time? What am I repressing? Have I not been flighty and vain enough in expressing all these fluffy thoughts and emotions about an eye candy? How much deeper do you want me to dig? Till it hurts till I realize how damn afraid I am of putting my heart and soul into someone who may just send my whole life crumbling all over again?

Hah! The beauty of writing. The fluidity of how emotions (rock and) roll, because Ego has no place in this intuitive right-brain space!

This is fun, exploring more ways to circumvent Ego so that Self rules! ❤

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