Love in the first degree

Bananarama’s song rang in my head the minute I saw the prompt for the day. Did a little bit of research, and then found out the meaning of the song, it is so cute! But that’s not what I am writing about today. πŸ˜€Β  Yesterday was an amazing day for me, and I learnt a lot from all the many people I met over the course of the day. Had quite some fun at Frances’ chatting while replenishing my bottles of sprays. I was introduced to the colour Pale Coral, and that was the theme smack right in-my-face for the rest of the session.

As I fiddled with my B87 this morning, I realise that the worst unrequited love anyone can experience is with oneself. This would be the ultimate Love in the first degree. Putting into the context of the song, we all should rightfully be “guilty” of loving ourselves “too much”. Instead, many of us are ridden with guilt about many things passed, and infused with all the did-nots and could-haves. I should have seen it coming, this recurring theme as I counselled others about “why are you so hard on yourself?”, “why are you so harsh about her? Is it because you see figments of her traits in yourself?” It is so easy to look from this broader perspective and say “yea, I understand we all have our roles to play and not take things so personally”. Yet, it is not at all easy to look back at ourselves and say, “I was only playing my role at that moment in time, and that was all the knowledge and wisdom I was equipped with to deal with the situation then”.

Each and everyone of us really have to learn to embrace each and every aspect of ourselves – the good, the bad and the ugly. Embrace not in the sense of “take it or leave it”, but rather, to accept that these are what we have, and they have their higher purpose of being circumstantial in helping us learn what we have to learn. It is somewhat like “obstacle courses” where we equip ourselves with the skills to flip, jump, straddle, or maybe even simply avoid.

At this part of my journey, I’m learning to identify where my shadow aspects are – which parts of myself that I have been giving negative attention to, and how I can be kinder to myself. It is when we can truly face ourselves, and love ourselves, that we can love others and extend that love to humanity and universally at the highest order.

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    1. leapingtoes says:

      Cool beans! I reached my 200-followers-checkpoint today too!

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      1. dronstadblog says:

        Double congrats to you!!! πŸ˜€

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  1. 201?
    Ironic article… and thank you for the drop-in.
    γ‚ˆγ„γŠεΉ΄γ‚’γŠθΏŽγˆγγ γ•γ„γ€‚ (“Yoi otoshi o omukae kudasai.”) Wishes to you for a happy and rewarding new year.


    1. leapingtoes says:

      Thank you for the wishes! Have a great 2018~ more light, more travels!

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