I like the sound of today’s Ragtag Daily Prompt Zing! The entire suit of Swords came to mind, Ace of Swords – Zing! Two of Swords – ZingZingggg! By the time it reaches the Ten of Swords, I am imagining a Chinese duel taking place in a bamboo grove, with all the bamboo leaves flustering in the wind. And then I hear the gallop of the Knight of Swords on his horse, with his Sword raised high up in the air. Zinggggg. Thud! Someone tripped. Hahahahaha.

Chinese sword fighting shows are so beautiful to watch, although I don’t quite like, nor approve of, violence. But the grace of their movements and flowy costumes, and maybe even the cheesy flick of the hair, captures an image of even the invisible wind. I watched them mostly for the costumes though, it is like Chinese Great Gatsby in the 14th century. Even the beggars’ dresses look grunge instead of drab.

Here’s a music video for a Chinese movie. Enjoy the music written, prepared and sung by a super talented dude ❤ ❤ , the gorgeous costumes, and a tiny bit of Chinese sword fighting scenes! This is the same guy who wrote and sang Coral Sea I blogged about earlier in the year. And the usual offering of translated lyrics here.

I’ve run out of Zing as flat-out Monday comes to a close. Now a good time for ZzZZzzing.

I have added a new category Song of Songs to organise the songs and videos featured on my blog! Enjoy!

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  1. sgeoil says:

    Sweet Zzzzingy dreams!

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  2. Cool… Among picks in my personal “top-10-movies-ever-made” list is a 武俠 film… “臥虎藏龍”. Absolutely beautiful music and visuals… even the fights. And I fall generationally right between Zhang Ziyi and Michelle Yeoh, two impressive women.
    Interesting movie choice for your music…

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    1. leapingtoes says:

      This movie is called Curse of the Golden Flower. The storyline is pretty scandalous! Hahaha, I was taken aback when I read the synopsis, as I realise I do not remember the narrative at all! Must have been too focussed ogling at the costumes and stage settings. 😀
      I’m slightly outside of that generation. 😉

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