Elicit | Illicit

I love words that sound so alike, yet have vastly different meanings. It makes me think twice and thrice and more about the “what?!” and the “why?”. Just like Elusive | Illusive.

It is hard to elicit responses from people. Hmm. Haha, that is not exactly right either. It really takes work to keep a blog going, there is no way I can elicit responses if there is nothing in existence for them to respond to! I sense a ranting blog post coming up.

Just received an email acknowledging receipt of the work we did, and I suddenly find that I can breathe again! He was appreciative of the help and support we rendered in pushing this project through. I feel so relieved! The perfectionist in me was rather concerned about this and that and this and that. G was right – he will be able to sort it out himself, we just need to do our best in our scope, and stop worrying about other people!

Well, I do have to thank and encourage myself too, I have really moved past the perfectionism and paranoia which were almost my identity few years ago. I guess we all need to work smarter nowadays, and prioritise on the right stuff. Which is, basically, moving on and putting heart and mind and soul into positive actions, rather than worrying about what may not even exist. Productivity! No wonder I got a Queen of Pentacles this morning.

Productivity = I need to find a way to squeeze in time to write and nurture my little bloggy outlet of thoughts. I have been writing on the bus, can you feel the energies of the bumps and brakes of a double-decker bus? I tried writing on the train too, but it is not quite possible, I usually end up sitting in the station to write before leaving whichever station I happened to be at. It is a beautiful thought though, taking time out and being still in a place of flux and transit. Rather poetic, I would say.

Rambles of nothingness. An existent post, nonetheless! Let’s see if this elicits some response!

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